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Roundabouts seem to pop up more and more in Michigan.  There are currently over 100 in our state with more on the way.  I used to think roundabouts were invented by college kids (probably Purdue) but it appears they originated in the United Kingdom (thanks Google).  

As I’m coming up on a roundabout, I’m certain my blood pressure goes up a bit and I enter state of heightened awareness as I grip the steering wheel at “10 and 2” and pull my face closer to the windshield to figure out how to navigate a circular road with multiple entry and exit points.  I was recently near Brighton where there are two roundabouts within about 20 feet of each other.  I thought “Oh Lord, are these things gonna put me in another dimension?”  

Still, there’s something about them that makes sense.  In my search for a deeper understanding of our state’s roads, I decided to do some research.  Check out for some interesting information on these things. 

Roundabouts were designed for drivers to enter the circle, pick a lane, and ride that lane out of the circle.  If you are involved in an accident in a roundabout, you’ll likely be ruled “at fault” if you:  failed to yield the right of way to the circulating roundabout traffic; unsafely changed lanes; stopped your vehicle in the roundabout or were speeding or tailgating.  All of these constitute negligent driving.  

How to best navigate a roundabout?  Pay attention to the signs, pick a lane and ride it out.  If you’re the only one in the mad circle, changing lanes likely isn’t going to get you into much trouble. A good co-pilot can be very helpful!  Google Maps does a decent job as a co-pilot on navigating these things.  And when Mrs. Michael is my co-pilot, well, she’s right ALL the time!

As always, the best way to protect yourself is to know the laws, relax, drive safely, and have good auto insurance!  Now, about those “Michigan Lefts”…