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Flooded Basement

A Better Backup!

We’re getting into wet basement season.  A failed sump pump will allow a LOT of water into your basement, and a backed-up drain can do the same, but the water could be nastier.

A wet basement is just ugly and extremely disruptive, especially if you don’t realize your basement is wet and the water sits down there for a few days and mold starts to grow!  Your best bet is to (1) take some simple steps to make sure your basement doesn’t get wet in the first place; (2) minimize the damage if your basement floods.  Some simple steps to take include:

  • Keep things you really care about at least a foot off the basement floor.
  • Test your sump pump by dumping water into your sump crock to make sure your pump turns on and pumps out water.
  • Ask your plumber about a backflow preventer for your basement drain.
  • Google “sump pump backup” and learn about backup sump pumps and battery backups.
  • Check your downspouts and make sure they’re attached and directing water away from your house.
  • Numerous manufacturers make internet connected water leak detectors to let you know if your basement gets wet so you can respond more quickly. These things need to be tested also!

Over the years, many people have made insurance claims for failed sump pumps and backed up drains.  Nobody has ever complained about having too much Water/Sewer Backup coverage in their homeowner policy to pay the damages!  Many people find out the hard way that they’ve underestimated the value of property that would get wet if a drain backed up or if their sump pump failed, and they’ve underestimated the damage water can do to things and the costs to dry things out.

The odds are that you’ve underestimated how much Water/Sewer Backup coverage you need.  Have a good conversation with your insurance agent about how your homeowner policy would respond to a wet basement and make sure you have enough coverage to do all the repairing and replacing you might need done.  A few extra dollars could make your Water/Sewer Backup coverage even better!

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