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What We Do

Our job is to protect you from financial losses you could face through home ownership, owning and driving your autos, owning a business or farm.

We sell insurance for homes, autos, business, and farms. We also have a team to provide life, disability, and health insurance.  If you need help with your finances, we have a team for that, too!

We’re an independent agency that operates in a huge marketplace of insurance companies. We work for you by connecting you with insurance companies mostly from the Midwest and Michigan with top financial ratings who are able to offer very competitive pricing while still able to care of you on your worst day.

What Makes Us Different?

Rummel Insurance CompanyA good conversation. We provide value by taking the time to understand your priorities and find you an insurance company with the best fit for insurance pricing and coverage. We have an experienced team of licensed professionals that will take the time required to help you do insurance better. We ask a lot of questions to find out how you want your insurance to respond when you need it most. And on your worst day we’re here for you to help you navigate the claims process.

Our clients appreciate that we take as much time with them as they need to understand important insurance decisions that will have a big impact on how their claims are paid, and what they pay for their insurance. We know that the more you understand, the better decisions you can make to balance coverage and price. We’re here to help you do that!

We strive to take care of you when you want us to. We don’t want you to leave us a message on a machine. We assign a licensed agent to take care of you and if they aren’t available when you call, anyone from the team can help you out.

Why Do Clients Stay With Us?

We earn their trust year after year as we do our best to keep their insurance with an insurance company that offers the coverage they need & competitive pricing. We monitor changes in what they pay & offer alternative insurance companies. We make switching insurance companies easy.

Ultimately, our clients stay with us because we enjoy what we do and we’re good at it.