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How We Work

We help you balance price and coverage in a way that’s best for you.  Our value to you is in how we help you determine the coverage you need and connect you with the best insurance company based on your priorities. As an independent insurance agency, we represent a big marketplace of insurance companies. We’ll find you insurance that is competitively priced with a payment plan that works for you.

Our 3-step process:

Find the Insurance Company That Fits Your Needs

A good conversation with a licensed Rummel agent is where it all starts.  We talk you through important coverage options that will drive our search for an insurance company that’s competitively priced and meets your coverage needs.

Get Your Protection Started

Once we’ve identified the best insurance company based on your coverage decisions, we review your application together, get your signature, a down payment, and then get your insurance program started!  We strive to make this process easy for you! We will also send proof of insurance to all who have an insurable interest!

Keep Your Protection Current and Pricing Competitive

Over time, things happen in our lives that change what we need from our insurance company. Our Rummel Review was created to help us work together to keep your insurance current based on your needs – in terms of both protection and cost to you. When it’s time to change insurance companies, we work together to make that happen!