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I like to cook.  I like trying new recipes — especially “one pan” recipes.  Mrs. Michael loves that about me.  A trend I’ve noticed in recipes is bragging about how few ingredients are used, or the use of natural ingredients.  What I like about these recipes is the focus on quality over quantity.  Good things can be created with a few high-quality ingredients that are prepared well and cooked properly!

Now, about your insurance recipe.  Everyone has an insurance recipe.  And, some of your recipes have bad ingredients (assumptions) in them that you aren’t aware of.

Some examples:  1) having “coverage” for something means the insurance company pays for all your costs for whatever happens; 2) insuring a building automatically insures everything in it – even your vehicles; 3) the medical insurance provided by your employer pays for the same things as the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on your auto policy; 4) your children are covered by your auto policy even if they don’t live with you; 5) your side business is covered by your home owner policy; 6) no fault insurance means you can’t be at fault in an auto accident.
These assumptions are popular because they could lead to paying less for insurance.  But they’re all wrong. However, until you have a claim, you won’t find out how bad your recipe really is.

I have a simple one-ingredient recipe for insurance: contact your trusted local insurance agent.  Talk through all the assumptions you’ve been carting around, the things you worry about, and your fears of being underinsured or over insured.  Your local agent will explain how insurance works – for real –  and guide you to making good, informed decisions that balance coverage and price.  Ideally, you’re working with an independent agent who can select an insurance company for you that best fits your needs and budget.  It’s all about having a good, quality conversation with an insurance agent you trust who has the knowledge and resources to make your recipe a winner!

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