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Protection Trumps Price – Say What?!

As I sit in my spacious 4-wall cubicle (my Super Open-Door Policy, as I call it) and overhear all of our day to day client conversations, I often hear our agents ‘making a case’ for our why. Why the coverage is necessary and how valuable the correct protection iswhich just so happens to come with a price. Too many times I hear the client end with, “Just get me the cheapest deal!” When it comes to insurance what does a ‘cheap deal’ even mean?? And at who’s expense when a loss occurs?

We prefer to explain to our clients that though we *may or may not* be able to provide a cheap price, what we can provide is protection for your future in the most affordable and necessary way. As your trusted advisors, we are prepared to:

1) Assess your needs. (This may be totally different than your neighbor.)

2) Build a comprehensive plan that’s right for you! (Yes, this still may differ from your neighbor.)

3) Offer the broadest protection to assure you have the best experience at the time of loss. (Which your neighbor will be wishing they had!)

4) Provide advice and counseling as to why this policy is right for you. (Which will make you want to share our name with your neighbor…Go ahead… go share… let them know!)

Simply put, our goal is not to offer the ‘cheapest price’ but the BEST protection. So back to the original question, the answer is YES. At The Rummel Agency, protection DOES trump price.   As trained insurance professionals, we take pride in knowing that because we take the time to adequately insure your today, we can confidently secure your tomorrow!