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Remember the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where Kathy Bates’ character (Evelyn) gets beat out for a parking lot space she was waiting for?  And after a confrontation with the women who took her spot, she gets this big grin on her face and repeatedly crashes her larger vehicle into the smaller vehicle owned by these women?  Evelyn says “Face it… I’m older and I have more insurance.”  Google “parking lot scene from fried green tomatoes” to see what I’m talking about.

OK, I’m a man so I’ve only watched this movie one time (barely).  However, I’ve played the parking lot scene on more than one occasion.  It’s a definite “how not to” for your auto insurance policy!  While “temporary insanity” isn’t listed as an exclusion on the personal auto policy, “intentional acts” are.  You can’t crash into someone’s car on purpose and expect your insurance to do anything to help you out.  The auto policy wants to help you in situations that resulted in accidental damage to your vehicle or someone else’s vehicle.  What would happen to Evelyn and the Volkswagen lady in real life if this happened in Michigan?

Evelyn’s insurance isn’t going to pay for anything here.  Not for her vehicle’s damages and not for the Volkswagen lady’s vehicle damages.  This doesn’t mean Evelyn is off the hook.  The Volkswagen lady would file a claim on her own auto policy (for vandalism to her vehicle) and her insurance company would likely go directly to Evelyn to recoup their losses.  Someone is probably going to file a suit against Evelyn for the damages she caused to the vehicle and perhaps for emotional damages.  Evelyn gets to find her own attorney, pay the legal fees, and awarded damages on her own.  How’s your TOWANDA now, Evelyn?

So, what’s my point here, besides Fried Green Tomatoes is a movie women would probably enjoy more than men?  Don’t expect your auto policy to fund a parking lot rager for you!