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Insurance With Toasted Croutons

By January 10, 2023Personal Insurance

I was making Martha Stewart’s macaroni and cheese yesterday.  It’s the real deal — with rue, gruyere cheese and homemade browned croutons on top.  This is manly macaroni and cheese.  Toward the end of the process, Mrs. Michael comes into the room and says “Hey, did you toast the croutons like the recipe says to do?”  Hmmm…  I pictured the final product and the croutons on top are very nicely browned… but I hadn’t toasted any croutons!  So, I panicked for a couple of seconds.  Then with the total certainty of a man in the kitchen I winced and stammered “but the recipe didn’t say to toast the croutons.”  Our daughter busted out laughing.  Mrs. Michael, who wanted the macaroni and cheese to look JUST like the picture (and wasn’t impressed by my response), read the recipe herself only to find out I was RIGHT!  The croutons toast when the macaroni and cheese is being baked.  Manhood intact, I continued working on the macaroni and cheese.  And, yes, it came out JUST like the picture. 

This is what happens with insurance.  We picture the final result, and it is indeed VERY important to us.  We picture the insurance company paying ALL the costs from an accident.  And we all want toasted croutons.  But insurance doesn’t pay everyone for everything all the time… and not everyone gets toasted croutons!  It all depends on the recipe.

Your insurance policy is the recipe that says how the insurance company will respond in your situation.  What your policy covers and how much coverage it will provide was determined by you when you bought your policies.  Do you remember the decisions you made as part of your insurance buying process?  Were you more focused on what you would pay the insurance company, or on what the insurance company would pay YOU when you really need it?  Did you get macaroni and cheese in a box, or the real deal?  Something in between? 

Before it’s too late, contact your agent and go over your insurance recipe.  Revisit your decisions made during the insurance purchasing process.  Think about what you want to see happen after an accident and discuss it with your insurance agent.  You won’t regret making the time for this!