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Heart Health

By February 3, 2021February 10th, 2021Personal Insurance
woman checking smart watch for heart rate

Do you remember the first time you…

…fell in love (or the second or third); the first time you felt pride in someone; the first true loss you experienced? All these emotions affected your heart. Feelings of stress, anger, depression excessive worry are also stressors on the heart. While we may think of these things as everyday emotions we have to deal with, long term negative stressors can lead to heart disease.

It is important to control your worry and stress, not just because you will feel better, but because less worry means less stress on the heart. This includes a range of stressors from small episodes like a traffic back up to larger ones like living through a natural disaster.

There are ways to change your brain and get a healthier heart:

  1. Seek professional help — do not ignore stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. This is not a sign of weakness but one of courage.
  2. Exercise — increasing blood circulation in the brain can improve its ability to react to stress thus reducing the stress on the heart.
  3. Use relaxation techniques — breathing exercises can greatly reduce your stress.

The heart is a precious organ.

While we think of Valentine’s day and romance, let us take a moment to make sure our heart is in the right place and is healthy for years to come. Assess what you love and do whatever you can to protect it. It isn’t always just the physical protection, but the emotional and financial protection as well. Is your family protected? Life Insurance can remove a major stressor from someone you love in the event of your loss. Don’t you owe it to yourself and to them to protect their heart and future? Start with a phone call to your agent today. If you need an agent, give us a call. Let’s have a conversation about how to protect the hearts of those you love.