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Hamburgers, Vegetarians, and Contracts

By January 24, 2023January 26th, 2023Business Insurance, Personal Insurance

Would a vegetarian be interested in a good old-fashioned hamburger?  WHEY would they?  Unless the government or their auto loan requirements insists they have one.  This is how many people view insurance.  They don’t want to buy it; they don’t want to talk about it and perhaps even resent paying for it.  At least a vegetarian will talk through the condiments available for the burger and then just skip the meat.  And most vegetarians once ate hamburgers (and may even fondly remember them), while most of us haven’t had a large insurance claim.  Plus, hamburgers are tangible things that are easy to understand while insurance is a contract that’s tough to understand and we hope we never need.  There’s a higher percentage of vegetarians out there who once ate hamburgers than there is a percentage of all insured people who have had a large insurance claim. 

OK, so it’s easier to talk about a hamburger to a vegetarian than it is to talk about insurance with most people.  Point made.

We deal with so many contracts in our lives that we don’t talk about.  Or want to talk about.  We click “agree” in the application and we keep going.  Internet providers, digital content providers, software licenses, cellular providers, etc. all have us “sign.”  We more or less all sign the same contract.  And if you wanted them to explain the contract to you… you’re going to be on hold for quite a while. 

Insurance is different.  We don’t all sign the same contract.  It’s designed to be customized to fit our needs.  It’s designed to be talked about!  It needs to be talked about.  You need to have a conversation where you gain enough of an understanding about what you’re buying so you can make good decisions.  If you don’t have this conversation, and you make your decisions primarily on price, I hope you never need to make an insurance claim! 

Relax vegetarians, I’m not implying you’re more likely to have no insurance and I have no statistical evidence showing a correlation between vegetarians and people with no insurance.  Enough now.