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Don’t Drink and Facebook

By October 16, 2017December 13th, 2017Personal Insurance

Facebook was built for sharing.  It is supported by mobile phones that are always within reach, so LOADS of information can be found on Facebook.  Staying in touch and sharing information has never been easier.

It’s also easier to make decisions that can get instantly out of hand, especially if you’ve had a few.

This year a North Carolina woman paid $500,000 to settle a defamation suit because of a Facebook post. It contained false information that damaged someone’s reputation.

You might say “I’m not worried – I have insurance”.

Much of insurance is designed to protect you from damages caused by accidents.  Many home insurance policies provide protection for libel (written defamation) but not if the writing in question was knowingly false.

There’s a lot more to all of this.  Put simply:  a good way to protect yourself from legal difficulties when using social media is to be truthful — and if you aren’t sure about the facts, or if your judgement has been impaired, don’t post.

Be smart!  If you drink up, phone down!