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Trampolines and Your Kids

By July 18, 2017July 20th, 2017Personal Insurance

It was a phase we lived through at our house.  “Daddy, can we get a trampoline?”  Over and over.  The “why don’t you lighten up” look on my wife’s face.  Why?  Because my answer was “NO”.  One time I said “on your mark, get set, NO!”.  I was the only one who thought that was funny (I still think it’s funny).

At the Rummel Agency we help people identify risks in their lives and discuss options for addressing them.  A very effective way to address risk is to AVOID IT.  Even when supervised, trampoline use can lead to serious injuries (see articles on American Academic of Pediatrics website).  I know there are many of you who have used a trampoline and didn’t wind up in the ER.  Not everyone who gets on a trampoline winds up with a handicap license plate.  But it happens.

If you have a trampoline or will be visiting someone with a trampoline this summer, and your children won’t take “NO” for an answer, please take the following into consideration:

Ways to Minimize Chance of Injury

  • Adult supervision at all times
  • Only one jumper on the trampoline at a time.  75% of trampoline injuries occur when more than one person is jumping at a time.
  • Surrounding trampoline netting can give a false sense of security.  Most injuries happen on the trampoline, not from falling off.
  • No somersaults performed.
  • Look for adequate protective padding on the trampoline that is in good condition and appropriately placed.  When was the last time you heard someone talking about replacing the padding on their trampoline?
  • If visiting someone’s home that has a trampoline, look it over before allowing your child to get on it and watch what’s going on.

Your children rely on you to look out for them.  Be safe!