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By October 15, 2019May 11th, 2020No Fault Auto Reform, Personal Insurance

No-Fault Reform Creates Options for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) beginning July 2, 2020

One of the most talked-about changes to No-Fault Auto laws in Michigan is the option to choose unlimited PIP or a lower PIP coverage limit.  The choice you have to lower your PIP limit is intended to lower your insurance costs.  However, these choices also create the possibility that your PIP coverage won’t be enough to cover your medical costs from an auto accident.  What this means to you is that you’d need to sue the at-fault party to cover your unpaid medical expenses. (Assuming there’s an at-fault party to sue!)

We’ll Soon Be Seeing More Lawsuits and Higher Awarded Damages

If you injure someone in an auto accident who didn’t choose unlimited PIP coverage, they could sue you for their uncovered medical and related costs.  The liability coverage on your auto policy would respond by providing you with legal protection and if necessary paying awarded damages.  It’s time to take another look at how much liability coverage we have on our auto policies!

An Umbrella Policy Offers You the Best Protection in the Event of a Lawsuit.

The Umbrella Policy is the ultimate “lawsuit protection policy”.  It provides additional liability coverage over and above (hence the term “umbrella”) your home and auto policies.

How much will an umbrella policy cost you? On average you can get one million dollars of coverage for less than $15 a month. Dollar for dollar it is one of the least expensive policies you can buy. Plus many insurance companies will offer you multi-policy discounts when you purchase an umbrella policy that will lower what you pay for home and auto insurance.

Is Your Financial Future Protected If You Are In An Accident?

Want more “peace of mind” regarding lawsuits?  Please contact us today!  We can talk you through your current policy limits, and how the Umbrella policy can protect your financial future!