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What Attendant Care Could Cost You (Without Unlimited PIP)

attendant care. nurse taking blood pressure of woman at home

What is Attendant Care?

Your auto policy’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) provides Attendant Care benefits. These benefits pay for the care you’d require if you were injured in an auto accident and needed to be cared for in a facility or at home recovering and/or living with your injuries.

Attendant Care involves the help required with performing activities of daily living (ADLs) such as monitoring and supervision for safety reasons, administering medication, bathing, dressing, walking, styling/combing of hair, grooming, helping victims use the toilet, driving victims to medical appointments, fetching things for the victim, carrying and lifting things for the victim and wound care.

What Attendant Care Could Cost You.

Each year, Michiganders are seriously injured in auto accidents and require Attendant Care.  If you need ongoing 24/7 care due to your injuries from an auto accident, your annual expenses could easily exceed $150,000.  The budget for the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) shows “Attendant Care” as one of the biggest line items in their multi-billion-dollar budget.  The MCCA takes over paying claims from the insurance companies once the claim reaches $580,000.  There are plenty of injured people who rely on their Unlimited PIP benefits to pay for their Attendant Care year and after year!

Who Pays the Bills for Attendant Care?

Prior to No-Fault Auto Reform, when we all had Unlimited Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on our auto policies, Attendant Care was paid for by your auto insurance company or the MCCA until you no longer needed it.  Unlimited PIP has enabled seriously injured people who require Attendant care to get the care they need without going broke getting it.

No-Fault Auto Reform allows you to keep your Unlimited PIP on your auto policy or choose from five other PIP options that reduce what your policy’s PIP would pay for.  These other five choices cost less than Unlimited PIP but pay less for PIP benefits including Attendant Care.  Some PIP options won’t pay for any Attendant Care.

Attendant Care “A la Carte” For Those Who Give Up Unlimited PIP

Your auto insurance company will have options to purchase Attendant Care coverage up to a variety of dollar limits.  The limits provided generally won’t pay for more than six months of Attendant Care.  Whether this is enough coverage depends on how seriously injured you are, the amount and type of care you require, and the length of time you need it.


One of the objectives of No-Fault Auto Reform is to lower what you pay for your auto insurance; however, the new PIP options also lower the PIP coverage your policy provides.  The five new options provided by the reform all expose you to the possibility of paying for Attendant Care yourself, going bankrupt, and not getting the care you need.  This sounds unbelievable… but it’s true.  Keeping Unlimited PIP is the best way to know you’ll get the medical care you need if you’re seriously injured in an auto accident.

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