Michigan No-Fault Auto Reform Law

On May 25, 2019, the Legislature passed a new Michigan No-Fault law know as Senate Bill 1.  This new law fundamentally changes Michigan’s auto No-Fault Insurance Law.  Governor Whitmer signed these sweeping changes into law on May 30, 2019.

Michigan’s auto No-Fault law has now undergone substantial and very significant changes that will affect every driver in Michigan.  This page is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date and in the know so that you can make the best choices for you and your family.  We pride ourselves in educating our clients and this is another opportunity we have to share what we know with you.  Please watch our videos and browse our resources so that you too can have a better understanding of your current auto policy and how it will be effected with the new No-Fault Law.


Larry starts with the basics: your current Auto Policy, to help give you a foundation to build from as he explains what you currently have, (and the benefits) and prepares you each of the other videos that dive deeper into mandatory and optional coverages and finally the changes coming with the No-Fault Law that was just passed. We hope you will take some time to watch all of our videos so that you can be the most informed when it comes time to update your auto policy.